Dimensional Letters

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    Solid polished acrylic letters and real gold leaf bear reflect the class and prestige of this gold resort. Nothing captures the luster of the sun like real gold.

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    Formed Plastic letters professionally installed by Korey Ericson.

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    Formed plastic letters look substantial, have a lifetime warranty, and are economical.

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    Not everybody can install letters 30 feet up on an extension ladder—but we can!

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    Solid white acrylic dimensional letters take these signs from ho-hum to great.

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    Solid acrylic letters have a lifetime warranty and look great. These letters are laser cut and therefore have smooth edges and polished, high gloss faces. We can cut any text (including custom fonts) and logo elements out of these materials.

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    Interior letters oftentimes do not require the durability and related expense of exterior letters. We like to use High Density Urethane (HDU) to add depth to the letter, then laminate acrylic or metals to the face of the letters to achieve nearly any color, finish, or look.

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    Here's a very nice combination of dimensional letters and electrical letters. "Laboratory Services" lights up white at night.

Dimensional letters (a.k.a., architectural letters) are individual letters and logo elements attached to the exterior of your building or sign face. With the exception of letters designed for interior use, all of our letters have a lifetime warranty.

Dimensional letters from Santa Cruz Signs are made from solid metal, solid plastic, formed plastic, or sometimes metal laminated to plastic. These letters can be painted custom colors. Custom fonts and logo elements are possible, too. We have a wonderful selection of materials and colors for you to choose from.

Please call us today to discuss your Dimensional Letters project.


Metals, plastics, wood, High Density Urethane (HDU)

Colors, logos, and text achieved by:

Paint, laminates, sometimes adhesive vinyl.

Lead Time:

2-4 weeks after design approval and permits (if required).

Related Categories:

Sign and Graphic Design, Blade Signs, Custom Signs, Monument Signs, Sandblasted / Routed Signs, Permits, Installation

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