ADA Signs

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    You can see why aluminum is such a popular signmaking material on this well-made ADA sign.

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    We make a wide variety of ADA signs. This one is Flag style, which mounts perpendicular to the wall for viewing down a hallway.

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    Who says ADA signs need to be boring? Frosted acrylic, decorative print, and aluminum standoffs really add style while still professional and compliant.

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    Mixing wood, bamboo, and other natural elements to signs adds interesting color and texture.

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    This is a directional sign made to match existing ADA signs.

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    Highly creative, visually interesting, and fun ADA sign.

ADA / Braille signs can be complicated. There are specific dimensions, textures, fonts, materials, sizing, placement, colors, and many other requirements to know. Good thing for you, Santa Cruz Signs is highly experienced with this type of signage. Let us design, coordinate, manufacture, and install ADA / Braille signs for your building and bring you into compliance with current requirements.


Durable 1/8" non-glare modified acrylic per ADA regulations.

Colors, logos, and text achieved by:

Integrated into the substrate (no paint or vinyl).

Lead Time:

2-4 weeks after design approval and permits (if required).

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Sign and Graphic Design, Permits, Project Management

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